Magna Forms Alliance, Ramps Up Capacity

Sept. 25, 2019

Magna Tyres Group has established its first strategic alliance in the United States by teaming with Tires Direct.

"We see that distribution and partnerships have played an important role in our brand growth story so far and believe that Tires Direct can spread it even more with its nationwide warehouses" and other facilities, according to Magna officials.

"Our growth trajectory in the last half-year has been significant and the partnership with Tires Direct is another milestone."

Magna also has expanded its production capacity in Thailand and Holland due to "growing demand for non-Chinese tires," the company notes.

"The combination of our innovative, European-engineered technology and local Dutch production ensures the premium quality manufacturing requested by our U.S. customers. From our local, U.S. warehouses, we can supply mining and earthmoving tires, port and material handling tires, and solid tires for customers in the U.S."