GRI Has New Forklift Tire and Skid Steer Tire for the U.S. Market

March 13, 2018

Global Rubber Industries Pvt. Ltd. (GRI) has introduced a skid steer tire and forklift tire to the U.S. market.

The new Globestar Wide Tread (WT) forklift tire features a distinctive tread pattern designed to add increased traction and stability in a variety of surface conditions. GRI says lug depth, lug gaps, circumferential lateral groves and other unique design features ensure the Globestar WT tire runs with minimum noise and outstanding lateral guidance.

The company says the market’s increasing need for wide-tread tires to support the demands of high load carrying capacity, extensive tire life and enhanced stability led to the development of the Globestar WT tire.

Whenever a forklift turns, its tires must overcome the lateral forces that are generated, making it better able to resist cornering forces. The tread width of the Globestar WT provides higher contact area and lower tire distortion when turning and sharp cornering, according to GRI.

GRI says the XPT SS is a premium pneumatic skid-steer tire developed for demanding use and engineered to provide the best in performance with outstanding machine stability. It is designed with extra deep directional tread and curved lugs that provide excellent traction and durability. This premium pneumatic skid-steer tire also features an extra thick sidewall, reducing stress cracking and deflecting debris to better protect the tire.

The XPT SS lug design and self-cleaning terrace maximizes tread cleanout to improve off-road traction. The lug design and terrace also keep the tire clean and the machine more energy efficient. The tire is designed to maximize surface exposure so that any heat generated is dispelled swiftly, which enhances the runtime and durability of the tire.

GRI says the advanced compounds of the tires are formulated with high quality Sri Lankan natural rubber that ensures high abrasion resistance and extensive tire life.

The Globestar WT and XPT SS were designed and developed to ensure assured performance, according to Gary Stevens, GRI’s president of sales for material handling tires in the U.S. “These tires offer the user greater cost efficiency and maximum value. GRI prides itself in the development of high-performance material handling tires and these new products have now taken GRI’s portfolio to the next level.”

GRI is a manufacturer of specialized tires for material handling, industrial, agriculture, off the road (OTR) and construction vehicles. GRI is based in Sri Lanka and has sales offices and warehouses in the United States, France, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Australia. GRI has been supplying tires to more than 50 countries worldwide since 2002. For more information, visit the company's website.