Ceat Expands Farmax Lineup in North America

Oct. 3, 2018

Ceat Specialty Tires Ltd. is expanding its Farmax lineup with a tire designed for row crops. The Farmax Row Crop Ag radial tire combines low compaction with high traction.

The Farmax Row Crop Ag Radial is available in four popular sizes:

320/80R42 230/95R48
340/85R48 270/95R48

The tire is backed by a seven-year warranty. It joins three other Farmax tires available in North America: the Farmax R85, Farmax R70 and the Farmax R65. Ceat says the whole lineup provides "low compaction, better traction and outstanding roadability." The company calls it the “Power of CTR.” The Farmax Row Crop tire features:

  • a higher lug angle and lug overlap at the center of the tread for better roadability and stability;
  • strong carcass and reinforced bead for high durability and load carrying capacity;
  • D-speed rating for maximum speed up to 40 mph;
  • a rounded shoulder for soil and crop protection; and
  • higher number of lugs for more traction.

Vijay Gambhire, managing director of Ceat, says the Farmax Row Crop Ag radial is the result of the company's extensive research and development efforts.

“We’re looking forward to getting this new row crop radial into the fields of North America and receiving feedback from farmers,” Gambhire says. “We’re confident it will perform very well.”

For more information, visit www.ceatspecialty.com.