TIA Addresses Issues such as Health Care and Training

Nov. 2, 2018

During its 2018 Global Tire Expo in Las Vegas, the Tire Industry Association (TIA) announced several new initiatives.

Employee health benefits program

TIA recently formed an alliance with National General Benefits Solutions to offer all its members flexible group health insurance plans that are tailored for small to mid-size businesses. The program, which is designed to be affordable, effective and secure, includes the following options:

  • Core Value Plan, a reference based pricing plan, meaning it pays providers based on a multiple of the Medicare reimbursement rate (or other derived equivalent) regardless of the billed amount. There are no networks associated with this plan, and members have the freedom to use any provider they choose.
  • Core Value Flex, a new level-funded reference-based pricing option that allows you to choose a reference-based pricing plan, with the option of switching to a PPO network mid-year—without a change in your monthly payment.

“With the U.S. Department of Labor’s decision to expand access of affordable health care coverage to small businesses last June, we have hit the ground running looking for the best program for our members and their employees,” said Roy Littlefield, CEO of TIA.

For more information on the program, contact Tim Chandler III, TIA benefits manager, at [email protected].

100-Level Intro to ATS and CTS training programs

TIA will release two new training programs in 2019. The programs are geared toward industry personnel who do not service tire and wheel assemblies.

Intro to Automotive Tire Service (ATS) and Intro to Commercial Tire Service (CTS) are 100-Level introductory programs that provide an overview of passenger/light-truck and truck tire service. The 100-Level Intro Series is designed to bridge the knowledge gap between the sales counter and the service bays so technicians can deliver on the promises made at the point of sale.

“We noticed there was a growing disconnect between the sales counter and the shop when customer requests contradict industry standards and best practices,” said John Evankovich, TIA President. “The Intro to ATS and CTS Programs will bridge that gap and help our members deliver a higher level of customer service.”

The Intro to ATS program includes the following modules: Tire Sizing and Replacement Guidelines (including repair); Wheel and Fastener Identification; Tire Service Overview (demount, mount, inflate, balance, torque); Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS); and Retail Tire Sales and Customer Service.

The Intro to CTS will include these modules: Truck Tire Sizing and Replacement Guidelines; OTR/Farm/Industrial Tire Sizing and Replacement; Truck Wheel and Fastener Identification; OTR/Farm/Industrial Wheel Identification; Truck Tire Service Overview; OTR/Farm/Industrial Tire Service Overview; Commercial Tire Sales and Customer Service.

Both 100-Level introductory programs will be available only on TIA’s On-Line University. Pricing will be announced with the final release schedule in the first quarter of 2019.

OTR tire and wheel weight chart

TIA will release its new Earthmover Tire and Wheel Weight Chart in the first quarter of 2019. The chart lists the average physical weight for more than 150 earthmover and industrial forklift tires as well as the average weight of more than 150 rim and wheel assemblies, including independent components.

“We’ve been teaching the importance of following the load limits for chain slings and hydraulic cranes for years, but the technicians were forced to guess when it came to the actual amount of weight,” said Kevin Rohlwing, senior vice president of training. “The Earthmover Tire and Rim Weight Chart will be the most comprehensive reference guide for everyone handling OTR and large industrial tires.”

In order to determine the average weight for each different size and designation, TIA used more than 2,500 points of data from multiple tire and rim manufacturers. For the tire section, each tire size and designation includes the low and high weights in addition to the average. With this information in hand, technicians can make better decisions regarding the maximum load for chain slings and hydraulic cranes. The wheel section provides the average weight for each individual component (rim base, side ring, etc.) as well as the average weight for the entire rim/wheel assembly.

TIA plans to release the Earthmover Tire and Rim Weight Chart in conjunction with the association’s annual Off-the-Road Tire Conference next year. The conference will be held Feb. 20-23, 2019, at Saddlebrook Resort in Tampa, Florida.

The Global Tire Expo runs in partnership with the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show in Las Vegas. The show will run through Friday, Nov. 2