BKT Monster Jam Tires Guest Star on Reality TV

Nov. 28, 2018

The stars of the "Diesel Brothers," a reality television show on the Discovery Channel, purchase used and battered vehicles, rebuild them by creatively customizing them, and then sell the vehicles.

In the second episode of the fourth season, filmed on a private island on the Great Salt Lake in Utah,  BKT tires make a guest appearance when an old school bus is transformed into a "monster shuttle" fitted with giant BKT Monster Jam tires.

In order to reach the client's desired performance of the new bus -- including a reduced environmental impact on the island -- the Diesel Brothers choose the purpose-built BKT tires, which are fitted on monster trucks for all the 300 stages of the Monster Jam Show.

The BKT Monster Jam tires in all racing and freestyle competitions boast excellent flotation features, reduced tread depth and a smaller size compared to past-generation tires, says their India-based manufacturer, Balkrishna Industries Ltd. (BKT). The result is gentle handling, even over sand and water.

Since the BKT Monster Jam tires are not available for trade, the show's stars, Heavy D, Diesel Dave, and The Muscle, travel to Las Vegas to meet Tom Meents, the Max D driver who has won 11 Monster Jam World Final championships. He delivers the giant official Monster Jam tires to them.

BKT has been a partner of Monster Jam since 2013 based on an agreement with Feld Motor Sports, the promotor of the motorsport show. The company says the partership not only gives it opportunity to "give evidence of (BKT's) experience in developing off-highway tires, even for unexpected conditions in the toughest applications," but also consolidate brand awareness worldwide.

For more information on its agricultural, OTR and industrial tires, visit www.bkt-tires.com.