Continental Builds TPMS Sensors in Conti Coach HA3 Line

Nov. 28, 2018

Continental Tire the Americas LLC has released a tire line with an embedded tire pressure management system (TPMS) sensor installed from the factory.

The company says the 315/80R22.5 Conti Coach HA3, designed for use on motorcoaches, is the first tire line in the industry with embedded TPMS sensors. The Conti Coach HA3 was selected for the technology due to the nature of passenger transport and high desire for safety.

Now every Conti Coach HA3 tire comes equipped with an embedded TPMS sensor ready to pair with any of the company's digital solutions for tire monitoring. A description of each product follows.

  • ContiPressureCheck monitors a single vehicle, sending real-time tire pressure and temperature data to the driver via a display mounted in the cab of the vehicle.
  • ContiConnectYard monitors multiple vehicles, sending real-time data to a web portal whenever vehicles are within range of the yard reader station, and providing text and email alerts if issues are detected. The platform offers an affordable solution for fleets whose vehicles return to the terminal frequently throughout the week, according to Continental.
  • ContiPressureCheck Integrated is designed for vehicles needing an over-the-road connection and sends real-time tire data to telematics systems. It is currently available with Zonar, Geotab, PeopleNet, and Road Ready.

Embedding TPMS sensors in the entire Conti Coach HA3 line lowers the barriers to entry for fleets to experience the benefits of digital tire monitoring technology, according to the company.

“Continental is committed to being a technology leader, delivering increased safety and providing the lowest overall driving cost to our fleet customers,” says Paul Williams, Continental’s executive vice president of Commercial Vehicle Tires in the Americas region.

“Using digital tire monitoring, fleets can improve safety by reducing tire-related breakdowns, not to mention the cost savings and reduced downtime. They also gain up to 25% longer tread life on their tires and improve fuel efficiency. And with tires coming pre-equipped with embedded sensors, the only cost for the fleet is to add the monitoring service.”

There are more than 38,000 motorcoaches operating in the U.S. and Canada, providing more than 590 million passenger trips per year, says Continental, citing American Bus Association Foundation figures. The company says an advocacy group reports 1,000 accidents per year involving motorcoaches, resulting in 366 deaths since 1990.

Since 2014, the Conti Coach HA3 tire has delivered extra load-carrying capacity with a specially reinforced Stable bead, a lifetime of all-weather traction due to interlocking 3D sipes, and a noise-reducing tread design for serene and comfortable motorcoach travel. By adding sensor technology, Continental says it ensures fleets can access safety and cost-saving benefits, as part of the company’s commitment to “Vision Zero:” zero fatalities, zero injuries, and eventually zero accidents in motor transport.

“Tires are the sole point of contact between the vehicle and the road. All forces transmitted to the road are put down via a footprint no bigger than the size of a postcard,” says Nikolai Setzer, member of the executive board of Continental AG and president of the tire division. “In a critical situation, it is the tire that determines whether the vehicle can stop in time — or whether it stays safely on course through a corner. This is why we want to inform as many drivers as possible, all over the world, about the safety benefits of using high-tech tires inflated to the correct pressure and with adequate tread depth.”

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