Goodyear Adds 3 Tires to Its Scraper Line

May 19, 2016

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. has introduced three scraper tires for construction and mining/earthmover applications. The new Goodyear RT-3A (E-3), RT-3A+ (E-3+) and RL-3J (E-3) tires are designed to lower end user operating costs.

“The launch of our new Goodyear RT-3A (E-3), RT-3A+ (E-3+) and RL-3J (E-3) tires completes our scraper tire lineup,” says Evan Perrow, marketing manager.

The RT-3A (E-3) and RT-3A+ (E-3+) are designed to offer enhanced traction in all underfoot conditions, according to Perrow.

The tires feature cool-running, radial construction; an aggressive tread pattern; a unique, geometric lug pattern for long tread life, even pressure distribution and enhanced mobility; buttressed, self-cleaning lugs to help protect against sidewall cutting; and more.

The RT-3A (E-3) is available in size 33.25R29, while the RT-3A+ (E-3+) is available in size 40.5/75R39.

Goodyear says the RL-3J (E-3) is for high speed use on moderate-to-severe underfoot conditions. It features a zig-zag, centerline groove to offer superior lateral traction in high-torque applications; tapered, self-cleaning shoulder lugs for excellent forward traction; a high-tensile steel belt package for enhanced impact resistance; and more.

The RL-3J (E-3) is available in size 37.25R35.

Along with enlarging its product portfolio, Goodyear says it is expanding its distribution to provide easier access to its tires and services.

 “We are investing in our network of dealers and distributors – including our Goodyear Commercial Tire & Service Centers – to help ensure that our customers receive the right products and services at the right time,” says Perrow.

“Our dealers and distributors are a valuable source of expertise, and play a vital role in helping end users lower their operating costs.”

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