TRIB Releases Videos on Retreading's Benefits in Spanish and Portuguese

Sept. 14, 2016

The Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau has added two videos in the Spanish and Portuguese languages to educational resources on the environmental benefits of retreading. Brazil’s Vipal Rubber Corp. sponsored both videos.

One of the videos explains the environmental benefits of tire retreading, and the other video explains the causes of rubber on the roads.

The videos can be viewed on the Video section of TRIB's website, TRIB's YouTube Channel, and will also be displayed and distributed at the many trade shows TRIB attends where Spanish and Portuguese materials are in demand.  

“TRIB has numerous member companies throughout Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries and they have often requested materials from us in these languages" says David Stevens, TRIB managing director.

“Now, our members in those countries have additional tools to help explain to potential customers and a skeptical public about the massive environmental benefits of tire retreading as well as the true causes of rubber on the roads, which are not the fault of retreaded tires,” says Stevens.

Vipal values and believes in TRIB’s work for Latin American markets through the Portuguese and Spanish releases, according to Leandro Rigon, Vipal’s international business director.  

“We are sure this kind of work will help improve performance and bring focus to the environmental benefits in these markets. Vipal strongly recommends TRIB’s articles and supports its efforts in benefit of the retreading industry.”  

Stevens also encouraged companies in the retread and repair industries to connect to the videos on their websites using the following links:  


Spanish "Environmental Benefits of Retreading":

Spanish "Rubber on the Road":  

Portuguese "Environmental Benefits of Retreading":

Portuguese "Rubber on the Road":

TRIB Video Site:

Spanish versions:

Portuguese versions:

TRIB members can also receive free copies of the videos by contacting TRIB at 703-533-7677 or [email protected].   

Complete versions of the various government studies looking at the issue of rubber on the roads can also be viewed and downloaded from TRIB's website here