Xplora MTS Targets Enthusiasts Who Want Ultimate Styling

Feb. 28, 2019

The new Xplora MTS is aimed at enthusiasts who want the ultimate styling in their urban truck or Jeep. Federal Tire North America LLC says the Xplora is a cross between an M/T type tire and a directional UHP tire.

The Xplora MTS targets “city dwellers” whose priority is the styling of their truck or Jeep and see their vehicle as an extension of their personality: rugged yet trendy, tough yet urban, finished with great detail.

The tread features an armor-like appearance with massive tire blocks designed to provide superb steering and traction. Subtle, V-shaped grooves improve tire rigidity and protect against chips and cuts. Wide, uni-directional grooves enhance driving safety on wet roads, add comfort and reduce noise.

The Xplora MTS will be available in late March/early April 2019. Overall diameter sizes begin at 20 inches and include 22-inch and 24-inch sizes. Expansion into 26-inch sizes and the addition of OE 17-inch and 18-inch replacement sizes will begin in the fourth quarter of 2019.   

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