Falken dealers can be ‘Fanatics’ for new program

April 11, 2012

Falken Tire Corp. has announced its new Fanatic Associate Dealer Program, a new incentive program to promote dealer loyalty. The program rewards retailers for purchasing Falken passenger and light truck tires from participating Falken distributors.

The program’s Project Manager Scott Batty and Associate Dealer Program Manager Ken Smith are touring the country to present the new program to Falken’s eligible wholesale distributors.

On May 1, 2012, participating Fanatic distributors will begin signing up Fanatic retail dealers for participation in the program. Incentives will include competitive cash rewards for purchasing Falken brand passenger and light truck tires.

There will also be an opportunity to earn marketing points to purchase Falken apparel, indoor illuminated signage, LED clocks, HPI Falken RC cars and more. Additionally, the Fanatic program will feature an express ship program on Falken’s line of Azenis UHP tires at a minimal cost to the dealer.

“Falken Tire has a very strong dealer network across the U.S. and in Canada,” stated Falken Vice President of Marketing Andrew Hoit. “But it is important to our brand to continually recognize the many people working at our tire retailers and associated sales outlets for their efforts on behalf of Falken. These are the people who are helping to represent Falken to the consumer and it is vital they know what the Falken brand means and the unique characteristics of all our tire lines.”

For more information visit www.falkentire.com and its enthusiast site at www.wegetyougoing.com.