Dick Cepek debuts Gun Metal 7 wheel

April 19, 2012

The Dick Cepek Gun Metal 7 from Dick Cepek Tires & Wheels is a gun metal gray and machined aluminum wheel with a seven-spoke design.

It is available in 17- and 20-inch sizes in both low and high offsets for lifted and non-lifted trucks and SUVs. It also has a tough glossy clear coat that provides a layer of UV protection for durability and ease of care, even in the harshest climates.

“The Gun Metal 7 is our first seven-spoke wheel in the line and it’s a great design,” says Ken Warner, vice president of sales and marketing. “It’s a tough wheel, which truck owners need, and the unique, smooth, gun metal gray finish gives it the ultimate style.”

For more information, visit http://dickcepek.com/wheels.php?item=GunMetal7.