TBC adds 8 sizes to Velozza UHP all-season line

Aug. 6, 2012

Consumers in the market for performance SUV or light truck tires will soon have more to choose from with the addition of eight new sizes to TBC Wholesale’s popular Velozza STX All Season UHP line.

The new large diameter sizes will cover popular W and V-rated 20-inch to 26-inch plus size fitments as well as the large volume OE fitment for size 275/55R20. The Velozza STX features an all-season tread pattern, extra load carrying capacity and a wheel flange guard to protect rims from scuffing and damage.

“The ever growing popularity of the performance SUV/LT tire market is one more opportunity for dealers to meet the needs of their customers,” said Jon Vance, director of Consumer Product Marketing for TBC Wholesale. “At TBC, we continually research the market and update our lines to provide exceptional value, engineering and performance to dealers and motorists alike.”

The Velozza program [STX and ZXV lines] now has 40 sizes to cover the SUV/LT and passenger vehicles with 16-inch through 26-inch fitments.

Velozza STX new sizes range from 275/55R20 V to 305/30ZR2. The eight new sizes will be available Oct. 1, 2012. The Velozza program is exclusively marketed worldwide by TBC Wholesale. For more information contact TBC Wholesale Group at (800) 238-6469.

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