Bridgestone Introduces the Blizzak WS90 Winter Tire

Jan. 22, 2019

The newest addition to the Bridgestone family of Blizzak winter tires is the WS90. It will be available to authorized Bridgestone dealers beginning in May 2019.

Designed for sedans and minivans, the Blizzak WS90 tire was engineered with the latest advances in Bridgestone winter tire technology.

1. A new tread compound. The tire's new compound, which features the company’s patented Multi-Cell technology, delivers improved stopping distance on ice compared to the tire it is replacing, the Blizzak WS80. Bridgestone Multi-Cell technology is specially formulated with hydrophilic, or water-loving, properties that attract water and draw it away from the surface of ice to enhance grip.

“Every second counts, particularly when you’re trying to stop on winter roads where visibility may be poor and conditions can change quickly,” says Robert Saul, director of U.S. and Canada consumer tire product strategy for Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations LLC.

2. A specially designed tread pattern. The Blizzak WS90 tire also features a specially designed tread pattern for longer lasting performance Bridgestone says gives drivers "an extra season of winter use" compared to the Blizzak WS80. The company bases this on the following assumptions: 1) the snow season is approximately from mid-October to mid-April -- six months for very cold regions; 2) an average user would drive approximately 1,200 miles per month.

In addition to enhanced wear performance, the Blizzak WS90 tire is equipped with the company’s new EdgePerformance Technology package. Interlocking sipes in the tire’s tread design provide more edges for enhanced snow and wet performance.

The Blizzak WS90 tire is available in 51 sizes ranging from 15 to 19 inches. They cover 86% of the passenger sedans and minivans on the road today, says Brad Robison, product manager for Bridgestone. The new tire will begin shipping to authorized Bridgestone retailers in May 2019.

The tire will be sold at the same price point as the Blizzak WS80. On its website, Bridgestone says the price for the Blizzak WS80 starts at $102.99.

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