The Newest UHP Tire on the Block: Yokohama's Advan Fleva V701

April 4, 2019

There's a new summer, ultra-high performance tire from Yokohama Tire Corp. The Advan Fleva V701 is designed to give drivers a comfortable ride, while also performing on both wet and dry surfaces. The V- and W-rated Fleva comes in 67 sizes with 15- to 20-inch fitments. Yokohama says it offers top notch wet and dry braking, crisp handling and a quiet ride.

“The Advan Fleva V701 was developed for customers who are looking to elevate their driving experience,” says Duane Sampson, Yokohama product marketing manager. “As Yokohama’s latest ultra high-performance summer tire, it features a silica-infused compound combined with tread features engineered to provide confidence in both wet and dry conditions while keeping road noise to a minimum.”

Among the Fleva's benefits are:

  • powerful wet braking, which is achieved by jagged circumferential grooves that resist hydroplaning for shorter stops.
  • precise handling thanks to solid outside ribs that increase block stiffness for high-speed stability.
  • lateral grip for high-speed wet performancem which comes from the drop point grooves that move the water from under the tread.
  • a quiet ride thanks to the offset tread pattern that increases stability and reduces pattern noise.

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