Nokian Designs New Premium Tire for Light Trucks and SUVs

Oct. 3, 2019

The new One HT premium all-season tire for light trucks and sport utility vehicles from Nokian Tyres plc will be manufactured at the company’s new plant in Dayton, Tenn.

The tire will be available to North American consumers in January 2020 and will be primarily sold in North America.

The company says the Nokian One HT provides safer performance in all conditions: stronger grip on rainy roads, a tailored tread to maximize comfort, and even winter properties that help navigate mild snow and ice.

The Nokian One HT is a result of rigorous testing around the globe, from Nokian's winter test track in Ivalo, Finland, to the backroads of South Africa, as well as across North America in the heat of Texas, mountains of Utah and urban downtowns of California, according to the company. The testing resulted in the tire's toughness, safety and sustainability, as well as new innovations, such as Aramid Armor, to help resist damage from road hazards.

Aramid technology

The tire offers toughness for back roads and daily urban use. Its compound provides a smooth journey and also helps make each ride safer. Extremely durable Aramid fibers form the basis of two innovations.

As with Nokian Tyres’ other recent light truck and SUV tires, the Nokian One HT features Aramid Sidewall technology, which provides sturdy protection from potholes and other obstacles encountered in daily urban driving and on rough terrain. Aramid fibers, also used in the aerospace and defense industries, are embedded in the tire’s sidewall to help it withstand external impacts, even on the roughest roads.

In addition, The Nokian One HT is the company’s first tire to be reinforced with new Aramid Armor. In addition to the sidewall technology featured in most of the sizes, Aramid Armor adds extra protection to the LT-metric versions of the tire. The base compound beneath the tread is also reinforced with Aramid fiber, providing a puncture-resistant shield to protect the tire from road hazards. This innovation provides a significant improvement in durability compared to previous all-season products.

The Nokian One HT’s size selection covers 36 new products from 16 to 22 inches with a speed rating of R and S for LT metric sizes and T and H for P-metric applications. The tire will be available to consumers in January 2020.

Innovations for eco-friendly driving, durability and performance

The Scandinavian company says the new tire’s eco-friendly compound minimizes rolling resistance while maximizing driving comfort. Thanks to the low-rolling-resistance compound, the Nokian One HT supports eco-friendly driving by reducing harmful emissions and lowering fuel costs.

The tire is energy efficient and the compound is free of toxic and carcinogenic ingredients, as is Nokian Tyres’ practice with all its products. Low rolling resistance makes the Nokian One HT a fuel-efficient option for drivers who want to keep their environmental footprints low while saving gas costs. Other innovations improve durability and driving performance. These are:

Aramid Sidewall technology: Strong Aramid fibers reinforce the tire’s sidewalls to provide more durability and protection for demanding driving situations. The fiber makes the sidewall more resistant to impacts and cuts that could otherwise easily damage it.

Aramid Armor: This brand-new technology protects the tire from cuts and punctures, providing reinforcement for rough roads. Aramid Sidewall technology is reinforced with Aramid fibers in the tread area, providing a puncture-resistant shield to protect the tire from road hazards.

Channel sipes enhance braking grip: The Nokian One HT’s tread pattern enriches handling and grip on wet roads. The tire’s design is tailored to the needs of North American drivers.

Stone ejectors remove obstacles: Rock removers at the bottom of the tire’s grooves minimize the penetration of edged and sharp rocks into the tire. This reduces the number of stones flying out from the grooves and increases the service life of the tire by preventing body damage.

Zigzag grooves and grip claws for snowy roads: Tread technology from the inventor of the winter tire enhances grip and stability in winter conditions. The tire is M + S marked, which indicates it is dependable in mild snowfall.

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