Falken Targets Sedans, Coupes With New Ziex ZE960 A/S

Oct. 9, 2019

Falken Tire Corp.'s new Ziex ZE960 A/S high performance all-season tire is available in more than 50 sizes and is designed for coupes and sedans. "These vehicles deliver an attractive blend of sport and luxury, presenting the need for a tire that provides both responsible safety and athletic performance," say Falken officials.

The Ziex ZE960 A/S features Falken's latest technology.

The company's Flask Siping "continues to evacuate water as the tire wears, providing strong hydroplane resistance and exceptional wet braking performance" through its life.

"Falken’s all-new Canyon Groove feature enhances snow traction, and remains tucked away to preserve a smooth, comfortable ride."

The tire also contains advanced compounds that allow rubber to remain pliable at low temperatures for enhanced grip in wet, snow and icy conditions. "During dry conditions, the rubber heats up while chemical bonds remain strong to deliver superb warm weather conformity," say Falken officials.

"Falken’s latest-generation high performance all-season tire was designed to support the latest generation of vehicles,” says Tsuyoshi Johnson, the company's product manager, passenger car tires.

“We’re very proud of the performance capabilities of the Ziex ZE960 A/S. It was developed with our most advanced technology, so we’re confident it will deliver dynamic all-season handling to drivers who demand it."

He adds that the Ziex ZE960 A/S is "the perfect fit for popular vehicles like the BMW 3 and 4 Series, Honda Accord Sport and Tesla Model 3.”

It comes with a 65,000-mile tread life warranty for H- and V-rated sizes (45,000 miles for W-rated sizes). Additionally, the tire carries Falken’s Road Hazard Protection, offering free replacement for any damage that occurs during the first two years, or within the first 3/32nds of tread life, whichever comes first.