Westlake Brand Will Have New Mileage Warranty

Nov. 7, 2019

Tireco Inc. has announced a new limited mileage warranty will be available on all Westlake passenger and light truck tires sold in North America starting in the company's first quarter.

The warranty will cover the RP18, SA07, SU318, SL309, and SL369 tread patterns.

“This limited mileage warranty will help bolster the continued effort to expand and grow programs for all our Westlake products,” says the company. The up to 40,000 limited mileage warranty will be offered within five years from date of installation. A pro-rated adjustment credit will be provided based on the mileage not achieved on the tires.

“We’re excited to add a mileage warranty to Westlake tires,” says Andrew Hoit, Tireco’s vice president of sales and marketing. “Westlake tires have continuously proven to exceed expectation and we are thrilled to support our dealers and consumers with additional confidence and peace of mind.

For additional information, visit tireco.com.