Pirelli Wins Aston Martin DBX Fitments

Nov. 21, 2019

Pirelli & Cie SpA has been selected as the exclusive tire supplier for the new Aston Martin DBX.

The car "is equipped exclusively with Pirelli tires, following a painstaking development process designed to meet the exact requirements of the famous British manufacturer," according to Pirelli officials.

Pirelli will make its P Zero, Scorpion Zero and Scorpion Winter products available for the DBX.

The P Zero's compounding for the DBX application "produces maximum grip on the track," say Pirelli officials. "In particular, the compound is derived from tires used for GT cars to maximize the... turbo power of the new Aston Martin.

"Aston Martin's goal is to create possibilities for their customers by offering a vehicle that is as versatile as possible, while maintaining the performance and emotion that is synonymous with their cars. To achieve this objective, the Scorpion Zero tread pattern has been redesigned to optimize its off-road capabilities, with more rigid blocks toward the outside of the contact patch that provide enhanced grip."

In addition, Pirelli has modified the materials that make up the carcass of the Scorpion Winter "to provide the best possible steering feel, even in winter."

With these fitments, Pirelli says it now equips 50% of all new Aston Martins, including its DBS Superleggera and Vantage models.