Yokohama to participate in Geneva auto show

Feb. 12, 2015

Yokohama Rubber Co. Ltd. plans to participate again this year in the annual Geneva International Motor Show. The 85th edition of the Geneva show will be held from March 5-15, 2015.

Yokohama's booth will feature high-performance offerings from the company’s “Advan” global flagship brand, including the attractive street sports tire “Advan Neova AD08R” and the “Advan Sport V105,” which comes factory-equipped on several high-performance premium automobiles.

In addition, the booth will introduce visitors to Yokohama's environmentally friendly products, including “BluEarth-A AE-50”, which combines excellent low-rolling resistance with superior wet performance, and the “Geolander SUV,” a fuel-efficient all-season tire designed specifically for small SUVs. This year’s display also will feature the debut of a technologically advanced tire engineered to provide superior on-road performance for full size SUVs and pick-up trucks.

Winter season tires also will be prominently displayed, such winter tires as “W*drive V905” suitable for use in winter conditions across the European continent, and the ”iceGuard Stud iG55” and the “iceGuard Studless iG50,” two tires the company says are capable of delivering superior performance under severe Nordic winter conditions.

In addition to being a leading global tire manufacturer, Yokohama Rubber produces high-quality alloy wheels. The Yokohama display at Geneva will feature the “AVS Model F50” and the “Advan Racing GT Premium Version” ‒ Racing Gold Metallic, both of which were first released in 2014. The “Advan Racing RZII,” introduced earlier this year at the Tokyo Auto Salon, will also be on display.