SEMA: Improve technology for tire registration

July 16, 2015

In light of legislation supported by the Rubber Manufacturers Association — and opposed by the Tire Industry Association (TIA) — calling for mandatory tire registration, Modern Tire Dealer asked the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) for its take on the matter.

Steve McDonald, vice president of government affairs for SEMA, provided this response:

“While SEMA supports efforts to increase the number of tire registrations, the association also believes it is important to consider new technologies to achieve greater success. One such example is to develop universal bar code scanner technologies that capture registration information that can be shared electronically whereby the tire is associated with the VIN. This will provide a method for contacting the current vehicle owner for which the tires are registered. These systems must address the costs imposed on tire manufacturers, dealers and retailers to purchase and maintain the new technologies and include appropriate exemptions for small retailers, gas stations, tire shops and other impacted entities.

"SEMA also supports expanding NHTSA’s current Internet database that allows consumers to search for vehicle recalls based on the VIN to include tire recalls based on the TIN. Further, SEMA is in favor of NHTSA’s efforts to create a consumer awareness program regarding tire fuel efficiency and wet traction. Any such program must also help focus consumers on other important tire priorities such as checking and maintaining proper tire inflation pressure on a regular basis.”

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