Yokohama app is a 'Tire Explorer'

Feb. 25, 2011

Yokohama Tire Corp.’s new iPad app, the "Yokohama Tire Explorer," was introduced at the recent Los Angeles Auto Show. It is available free on iTunes.

“iPad apps are a new and unique way for  consumers to get information,” says Alan Holtschneider, manager of advertising, promotions and events. “Yokohama’s app takes advantage of the iPad’s touch gesture technology and provides consumers an interactive, graphically-appealing way to learn about our tires.”

The app features videos and information on the technology behind Yokohama’s consumer tires. Advan, Geolander, Avid, ENVigor, and the orange oil-infused dB Super E-spec all have their respective sections for users to explore.

“There’s information on tire compounds, tread design and construction, along with a ‘Tireology’ section and fun facts about tires," adds Holtschneider.

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