Parting words from Yokohama's Oishi

May 25, 2011

Takao Oishi was named CEO and president of Yokohama Tire Corp. (YTC) in April 2008. More than three years later, he leaves with pride in the company's accomplishments.

Oishi will return to Japan as general manager of the Industrial Products Business Group. He will be replaced as CEO and president by Yasushi Tanaka on June 29, 2011. (For more information, see "Tanaka replaces Oishi at Yokohama Tire Corp.")

Under Oishi’s leadership, YTC has enjoyed significant growth, including a rise in the volume of sales and market share. Additionally, the organization has expanded production capabilities at the Salem, Va., manufacturing plant and elevated Yokohama brand awareness through major marketing initiatives such as sports marketing.

According to the 2011 Modern Tire Dealer Facts Issue, the Salem, Va., plant has the capacity to produce 24,000 consumer tires a day. That is up nearly 4% since Oishi took over.

An additional $13 million is being invested to expand production further.

“I am extremely proud of what we accomplished at YTC,” says Oishi. “Despite some of the toughest economic times in recent U.S. economic history, the company rose to be the most successful and profitable subsidiary of YRC worldwide.

"I am also grateful that, during my tenure, I was surrounded by dealers and YTC colleagues who provided me with warm friendship. I look forward to leaving the company in the very capable hands of Mr. Tanaka, as well as returning home to embark on achieving new milestones.”

Tanaka, 52, comes to YTC from Yokohama Rubber Co. Ltd. in Tokyo, Japan, where he was corporate officer in charge of the Corporate Planning, Secretariat and GD100 Promotion Departments. He joined the company in 1982.

His promotion also includes being named president of Yokohama Corp. of America and president of Yokohama Corp. of North America. Tanaka remains a corporate officer of the parent company.

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