Continental introduces CrossContact LX20

May 31, 2011

By Bob Ulrich

The new Continental CrossContact LX20, a premium SUV, crossover and light truck tire, will launch in 36 sizes in August.

According to Bob Liu, technical product manager, passenger tire for Continental Tire the Americas LLC, the size complement for the LX20 will cover 73% of the highway terrain segment. It will replace the CrossContact LX line.

The new LX20 features EcoPlus Technology, which consists of two main components.

1. Tg-F Polymers: temperature activated functional polymers that increase compound bonding, resulting in improved wear and fuel efficiency.

2. +Silane: additives that enhance grip on slippery roads, therefore reducing stopping distance on wet road surfaces.

Continental recently introduced the tire at a "drive and learn" event at its Uvalde, Texas, test track. (Editor's Note: During the wet braking test, with 1.2 mm of water on the track, the 2011 Chevy Silverado I was driving at 50 mph stopped 101.2 feet after I slammed on the brakes. The LX20s and the vehicle stayed in a straight line.)

The tire also was designed with "snow-on-snow" traction, thanks to grip from inside the groove (Traction Grooves Technology); and responsive handling with a smooth, quiet ride (Smooth Response Technology).

Sizes range from 235/75R16 116T to 285/50R20 112H.

16-inch: 10 sizes.

17-inch: 11 sizes.

18-inch: 11 sizes.

19-inch: one size.

20-inch: three sizes.

Backed by a 70,000-mile limited tread wear warranty, the LX20 is targeted to fit 2004 and newer premium vehicles, adds Liu. It will be marketed as both a replacement and original equipment tire.

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