Yokohama site embraces social media and more

June 9, 2011

Yokohama Tire Corp. has launched its all-new, user-centric Web site at It is designed to put customers and their needs first, according to Theresa Palang, manager of public relations and digital marketing.

The site has six key elements.

1. Interactive Driving Style Selector: asks consumers what their driving style is on a continuum of easy-going to spirited.

2. Relative Performance Meter: asks consumers to rate five tire performance factors in order of importance to them. They are dry handling, wet handling, winter traction, noise/comfort and longevity.

3. Interactive Product “Hot Spots”: explains how each tire feature has been built to deliver a specific benefit.

4. Tires 101: educates consumers on the relationship between tires and wheels, aspect ratios, tire sizing systems, speed ratings, load-carrying capacity, customizing options, and tire care and safety. A glossary for better understanding of terms related to the characteristics and performance of tires is included.

5. Tech Lab: informs on the technologies that go into the design and manufacture of Yokohama tires, including water evacuation, tread wear, rolling resistance and aerodynamics simulations.

6. Integrated Social Media:  Yokohama’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels are in one convenient place for consumers to post threads or learn what others are saying about Yokohama. Additionally, Yokohama’s proprietary iPad app is made available for download for consumers to take on the go.

7. Content Sharing and Bookmarking: Consumers researching a product can easily email/print information, or make instant connections with others through a variety of bookmarking and sharing tools that include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, Delicious, MSN Messenger, Reddit, Yammer and more than 300 additional tools.

To assist the consumer in the decision-making process, shopping tools are also provided. They include tire comparisons and a dealer locator.

Yokohama also will roll out new, stand-alone sections on the site, including Motorsports, Sustainability, Commercial Tire and Off-The-Road Tire (OTR). ”

“The user-centric website with integrated social media channels are only the beginning,” says Palang. “As our customers migrate to other, newer digital platforms in the future, we will introduce additional initiatives to make sure we are ever responsive to their preferences and needs.”

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