ATD and DUB magazine join forces

Oct. 31, 2011

American Tire Distributors Inc. (ATD) has announced a marketing alliance with DUB magazine that will promote ATD’s wheel business.  

(The term “DUB” is the street term for the number 20 or “double-dime,” popularized through hip-hop music to describe custom wheels over 20 inches in diameter. The DUB brand has developed into a pop culture automotive and customization lifestyle icon, ATD says. DUB now has a popular automotive lifestyle magazine in print, on the Web, and on mobile devices. In addition, DUB has become one of the hottest marketers in reaching the youth and urban market via event marketing and association with multiple A-list musicians, athletes and actors, the company reports.)

"This new partnership between DUB and American Tire Distributors is a great fit,” says Myles Kovacs, president and co-founder of DUB magazine. “DUB reaches a targeted consumer that’s highly interested in vehicle customization, including wheels, and ATD has the coast-to-coast, best-in-class distribution network to get the wheels to the DUB Garage retailers.”

ATD will offer the DUB Garage Dealer Program to a limited number of tire and wheel retailers that would benefit from the association with the multiple DUB marketing properties, the company reports. DUB Garage dealers will receive an increasing level of marketing support from ATD and DUB based on the retailer’s participation in the program.  Details of the DUB Garage Dealer Program will be presented at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show opening tomorrow in Las Vegas.

“This new alliance represents an extremely exciting era for ATD’s wheel program,” says Brian Moyer, director of wheel sales for ATD. “The Dub Garage Dealer program plugs the retailer directly into the power of the DUB brand and, when combined with ATD’s distribution infrastructure and service support, will drive enthusiastic consumers to the DUB Garage dealers’ stores to buy wheels.”

In addition to the DUB Garage Dealer Program, ATD has also gained exclusive rights to distribute the TIS and Dropstars branded custom wheel lines owned by TIS Industries, LLC. New styles in both brands will become available through ATD in early 2012. The new product offering will also include a special Monster Energy edition off-road wheel that will be available in both the TIS and DropStars brands.

Retailers interested in becoming DUB Garage participants can obtain more information from the DUB display directly outside the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center – Booth 110 in the Silver Lot – at the SEMA Show.

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