NexenAce Provides Training to Boost Tire Sales and Brand Knowledge

April 5, 2018

Nexen dealers have a new tool for sharpening their customer service and marketing skills: a web-based education portal called NexenAce.

Nexen Tire America Inc. says the new portal is designed to elevate customer service, marketing efforts and ultimately sales for Nexen dealers

The company says the portal gives tire professionals access to valuable and engaging tire information as well as all the latest action taking place globally that makes Nexen one of the fastest-growing tire manufacturers worldwide.

Through NexenAce, Nexen dealers, wholesale reps, tire techs and other company partners may:

  • read the latest Nexen brand, motorsports and overall tire industry news;
  • complete tire training modules to improve their customer service and marketing capabilities;
  • earn points toward purchases on the Nexen Tire Store; and
  • access to Nexen branded gear and premium quarterly giveaways like cash, electronics and vacations.

Nexen plans to add new training modules through the year and urges users to revisit frequently to maximize their earning potential. Notifications will be sent when new training modules are available.

“The best part about our new education portal is the ability to train anybody, anywhere, at any time,” says Kyle Roberts, senior director of marketing.

“Nexen is still a relatively new brand in the US, and many tire professionals don’t know the entire story behind our success. Our training program will be an invaluable tool for those just starting out with our brand, as well as already-established Nexen dealers who are looking to take their efforts to the next level.”

Roberts says the portal is open to all of the company’s partners including shop owners, wholesaler reps, tire techs and “any other tire professionals interested in learning about the world-class products and activities associated with Nexen Tire.”

Tire professionals can visit the new portal at and complete a quick registration process which allows immediate access to the training videos. A short validation period will follow, which will then allow access to redeem earned points within 72 hours.

For more information, send an email to: [email protected].  

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