Another SEMA Show, More New Products from Greenball

Oct. 27, 2018

If you want to see two new light truck tire lines, just visit the Greenball Corp. booth at the 2018 SEMA Show. Specifically Booth No. 41127 located in the center of the lower South Hall.

"Our philosophy is one of innovation and progress, and the SEMA Show is our opportunity each year to show the rest of the automotive world what we are doing to push our industry forward," says Greenball Senior Vice President Randy Tsai. "Following our release of ultra-heavy duty Tow-Master ASC specialty trailer tires, we knew we had to apply the same all-steel construction to our premier brand of light truck tires.

"The Kanati Armor Hog is just the latest in a long tradition of tire industry firsts, a tradition that we intend to continue for years to come."

Greenball is marketing the Kanati Armor Hog ATX as the industry’s first light truck tire constructed with a robust 12-ply rated all-steel body ply. Providing greater stability and durability than standard fabric ply construction, the new tire has an increased load capacity for heavy-duty towing and payloads.

The stronger all-steel casing "delivers superior impact and puncture resistance for greater dependability in the toughest terrains and road conditions," according to the company. In addition, its aggressive all-terrain tread is designed to give drivers "the confidence and traction they need for serious off-road adventures." The tire also features variable pitch technology that helps maximize noise reduction for a comfortable ride on the highway.

The second light truck tire from Greenball is the Centennial Navpoint HTX, which was designed "as a superior highway terrain tire that is prepared to take on adverse weather or road conditions."

For greater road contact and responsiveness, the Navpoint HTX is enhanced with performance siping that allow the tread lugs to flex and expand as needed. Its two large circumferential grooves help expel water to maintain traction on wet roads and improve steering.

Greenball says the Navpoint HTX is ideal for the pickup/SUV driver who is searching for a tire that provides a smooth and comfortable ride, yet is tough enough to get them home safely through inclement weather.

GBC Motorsports, Greenball’s performance ATV/UTV division, will also be showcasing its new Mini Mongrel tire line, which is specifically engineered for Youth SXS. The Mini Mongrel features the same durable construction and versatility of the larger Mongrel -- it is just resized to help support the next generation of SXS enthusiasts. Four sizes are already available; two more sizes, 23x7-10 and 23x8-10, will be available soon through GBC Motorsports dealers.

For the UTV owners out there, GBC Motorsports also will be displaying the newest size of its Kanati Terra Master tire at the SEMA Show. The Terra Master is now available in 33x10.00-R15, increasing the total number of sizes to 15 -- with more coming soon, adds Greenball.

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