Toyo unveils D.O.T.-approved drag radial

Dec. 11, 2008

Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp. introduced the Proxes TQ, its first D.O.T.-approved drag radial, at the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Trade Show in Orlando, Fla., earlier today.

Designed specifically for high-horsepower muscle cars and street machines, the Proxes TQ delivers maximized grip during launch for quicker 60-foot times and lower elapsed times, according to the company.

The tire features the following:

* a new drag radial tread compound;

* strengthened radial construction (compared to its other tires); and

* an optimized tread design and carcass.

The features work together to provide the Proxes TQ with grip, straight-line performance, high-speed stability and low noise.

The dual-purpose, low-void asymmetric tread design includes a semi-slick inner area to improve traction on independent rear suspension vehicles and maintain consistent grip on straight-axle, rear suspension vehicles.

A variable pitch outer area on the tread reduces pattern noise when driving to and from the local drag strip.

The tire's unique tread and attractive sidewall "will add to the appearance of any muscle car or street machine," adds Toyo.

The Proxes TQ is available in six sizes: P255/50R16, P275/45R16, P275/40R17, P315/35R17, P345/40R17 and P315/35R18.

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