European Tire Trade Press Publisher Haddenbrock Dies

Sept. 2, 2021

Influential European tire trade press publisher Klaus Haddenbrock recently passed away at the age of 77. Haddenbrock founded German tire trade magazine Neue Reifenzeitung in 1981 and acquired United Kingdom-based Tyres & Accessories magazine six years later.

He also established PneusNews, an Italy-based tire industry news source.

"Fairness was important to him," according to the staff of Neue Reifenzeitung.

Haddenbrock provided "a clear and immovable predictability that keeps things on course, on which an entire group of companies and thus many people and their families depend.

"Many people in Klaus Haddenbrock's immediate environment knew and above all appreciated (his) sense of fairness and helpfulness. There is probably no one who does not at some point need a boss who turns a blind eye and encourages them to continue, instead of denouncing the mistake made. Our founder and long-time managing director and editor-in-chief achieved this in an inimitable way.

"Everyone in the Neue Reifenzeitung workforce has come to a point over the years where it is impossible to go on alone. Mr. Haddenbrock had the means, the possibilities and above all, the motive to help. As a trained lawyer, it was important to him to be at the side of other people. And it didn't matter for what reason help was needed or what it took to help. He helped.

"When we think of our years together with Mr. Haddenbrock, we see nothing that makes us doubt it - they were good years that we all look back on with great joy, pride and respect for a man who helped shape our lives and will continue to shape."

"Nobody can deny that Haddenbrock has had a key influence on journalism within the European tire industry over the past 40 years," says David Wilson, publisher of Europe-based Retreading Business magazine.

"With the foundation of Neue Reifenzeitung, he challenged Gummibereifung, the traditional leading trade title in the German market, creating a worthy competitor, as well as bringing Tyres & Accessories into the modern age."

Haddenbrock is survived by his wife and other family members.