New Toyo Open Country Tire Offers Enhanced Traction

Oct. 3, 2022

Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp.'s new Open Country R/T Trail is an on- and off-road rugged terrain tire that delivers better off-road grip than a traditional all-terrain tire, "most evident in sand, mud, and deep snow," according to Toyo officials.

The Open Country R/T Trail will be available in 47 sizes for light-trucks and SUV owners "who want more off-road capability, without the extra noise and harshness of a dedicated mud tire," according to Toyo officials.

"Advances were made in tread design for optimized on- and off-road durability, traction, and stability, providing improvements in grip and performance in both wet and dry conditions. The tire will feature staggered scalloped shoulder blocks and extra-thick sidewall lugs that dig into soft terrain and uneven surfaces.

"Additional features contributing to its durability and off-road capabilities include wide circumferential grooves, lateral zig-zag grooves and stone ejectors, four-way tapered notches and a rim protector. A heavy gauge sidewall will also help protect from cuts, impacts, and punctures."

The tire's lineup includes sizes for modified light trucks and SUVs, including Ford, Jeep, and Toyota models. The most popular sizes will start to be available in November, with additional sizes/fitments to follow in subsequent months.

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