Bridgestone Adds New Size to OTR Snow Tire Line

July 12, 2022

Bridgestone Americas Inc. has introduced the VSWAS 23.5R25 V-Steel Snow Wedge All-Season tire, a size expansion to the Bridgestone Off-the-Road (OTR) line of radial snow tires.

The VSWAS 23.5R25 provides “excellent performance in deep snow with a tread pattern that reduces stone holdings without the need for studs or chains,” says Bridgestone officials. The VSWAS 23.5R25 is also designed for year-round use.

“The VSWAS 23.5R25 is an important size expansion within our Bridgestone line of off-the-road snow tires,” says Rob Seibert, president, OTR, Bridgestone Americas.

 “This new tire size is tailor-made for the deepest of snow conditions, with a versatility in performance that fits in any season.”

 Key innovations to the VSWAS 23.5R25 include a deep siping design; for capability in snow, gravel and soft sandy conditions; a special tread design; and a cut-resistant compound to reduce cutting, chipping and puncturing of the tire.

The 23.5R25 is an enhancement to the Bridgestone VSWAS line of OTR radial snow tires.