OTOFIX B1 Tablet Performs Battery Testing

June 9, 2022

The OTOFIX B1 tablet performs professional-level battery testing both in and out of the vehicle. 

Featuring a smart 5.5-inch touchscreen and Android 9.0 OS, the BT1 "has everything needed to examine batteries and electrical systems as well as register new batteries with ease," according to OTOFIX officials.

The B1 is an all-systems scanner compatible with U.S., Asian, and European vehicles, 1996 and newer.

"This wireless, easy-to-use tablet connects with vehicles with its Bluetooth-enabled VCI to display freeze frame and live system data. The B1 also features a CCA range of 100-3000A and a voltage range of 1.5V-36V."

OTOFIX products are supported by free technical support and a one-year limited warranty.

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