New Predator Mutant X-RT is Adaptable and Tough

April 4, 2022

Adaptable and tough are the signature traits of the new Predator Mutant X-RT, according to its manufacturer, Transamerica Tire Co. Ltd.

The Mutant X-RT gives "off-road enthusiasts a tire built to perform on rugged terrain," along with "a comfortable drive that’s good enough for any daily-driven truck or SUV."

The tire's optimized void-to-lug ratio "provides unparalleled traction in mud, snow, sand and rocky terrain. Its deep tread depth enhances off-road capability, hydroplaning resistance and longer tread life. 

"Staggered lugs along the shoulder provide enhanced biting edge and traction on rocky terrain, while mud and stone ejectors in between shoulder lug blocks help shed mud and prevent stone drilling." 

The Mutant X-RT's advanced “X” tread pattern and pitch variation "tame road noise for a smoother highway ride and increased comfort for drivers and passengers."

And the tire's aggressive TALON X-RT dual sidewall design "not only delivers added off-road traction and sidewall armor, but gives enthusiasts aesthetic options."

The Mutant X-RT is currently offered in 31 tire sizes that fit rims from 32 inches to 42 inches in diameter, with more sizes coming soon.

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