GRI Farm and Construction Tires Come in New Sizes

July 6, 2021

Global Rubber Industries Pvt. Ltd. (GRI) has expanded the size lineups and tread pattern options in its farm tire and construction tire segments.

The Green XLR 95 tire is made for row crop and spraying applications, and it’s available in a new size: 230/95R32. In the Green EX series, the Green EX RT100, a bias tire built for tractors, is available in size 23.1-26. The Green EX FT 1 comes in two new sizes: 6.00-19 and 7.50-20.  And the Green EX RIB3 for implement applications is available in three new sizes: 10.0/80-12, 10.5/80-18, and 11.00-20.

In the construction segment, the Grip XLR ET 333, a construction and industrial truck tire, comes in sizes 10.00-20 and 11.00-20. And the Grip EX MP500 is also available in a new size: 18-22.5.

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