Hunter Engineering Introduces Latest Tire Changer

March 22, 2021

Hunter Engineering Co. is introducing the new Auto34R Tire Changer, designed to quickly and easily service the broadest range of assemblies, while also dramatically reducing the opportunity for wheel damage through operator error.

The Auto34R’s speed and ease of use derive from its telescoping chassis that brings the wheel to the rollers and tool head. The new mechanism clocks the rollers and tool head to match the curve of the wheel. Direct rim tracking lowers the stress on beads during mount and demount cycles, saving operator time and reducing the risk of wheel damage.

For shops with space constraints, the compact sliding chassis considerably reduces the need for floor space. Similarly, the bead press arm is center-mounted for a smaller swing radius. The new chassis also eliminates many moving parts, delivering efficient operation over a long service life.

The Auto34R excels on assemblies where the greatest care is desired, according to Hunter officials. The new model’s electric actuation and three-button control panel provide for simple, smooth and responsive adjustments - saving time, operator frustration and the risk of damage from crashing rollers into wheels.

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