First Brand Group Release FRAM Synthetic Endurance Filter

April 12, 2023

First Brands Group’s brand, FRAM, has launched an innovative premium oil filter – FRAM Synthetic Endurance – exclusively at Walmart.

FRAM Synthetic Endurance is a high-flow synthetic oil filter that provides maximum protection and performance for up to 25,000 miles when paired with the appropriate synthetic motor oil and is made with heavier steel construction for durability.

“Our most durable premium oil filter in the market, FRAM Synthetic Endurance, is designed to meet the growing performance needs of newer/late model vehicles,” says Jeff Dent, director of product management, FRAM.

“FRAM Synthetic Endurance is equipped with a durable, heavy-duty construction, a fully synthetic media that provides 99% filtration, and 360° textured grip for easy installation and removal.”

FRAM Synthetic Endurance was designed with innovative technology to provide vehicles with extended protection and performance.

FRAM Synthetic Endurance filters feature high-flow synthetic oil filter to provide protection for up to 25,000 miles; 360° textured grip to provide non-slip surface for easier installation and removal; Perfect Seal no-stick gasket to provide extended durability that is designed for longer synthetic oil change intervals; and heavy-duty base plate engineered to withstand higher pressure engines.

FRAM Synthetic Endurance premium oil filters are an exclusive product offering to Walmart and are only available at Walmart retail locations in the United States.

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