Clutch Industries Brings UniClutch to U.S.

Oct. 17, 2023

Clutch Industries has launched two clutch systems for the United States under its UniClutch brand – the UniClutch and the UniClutch Sport.

These two products are the first iterations of this system to launch in the United States, according to Clutch Industries officials.

The UniClutch has “dual-core technology” to help with torque capacity and is designed to “fit a multitude of vehicles, simplify inventory management, expedite clutch repair time” and more.

The UniClutch Sport offers "15% more torque capacity" than the UniClutch and has a “sport-tuned pedal feel,” according to officials.

“We’re thrilled to introduce UniClutch to the United States after seeing strong, early success in the Australian market,” says Brad Davis, CEO of Clutch Industries.

“Auto repair shop feedback has been very positive, especially from technicians praising a faster and easier installation process. It’s also been our experience that shops can carry 20 times less inventory without impacting their ability to service any vehicles. We feel confident that UniClutch has the potential to redefine the performance clutch market with this revolutionary design.”

Features of the new products include a sealed design to eliminate the need for flywheel machining; Flex Fit technology to help inventory management and simplify product variations; and more.

At launch, UniClutch will retail exclusively at NAPA Auto Parts stores across the United States. 

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