Bartec Releases Next-Gen Rite-Sensor

Oct. 24, 2023

Bartec USA has announced the release of its next-generation Rite-Sensor, the RS-2000.

“First and foremost, to ensure a smooth transition for our customers, the second-generation Rite-Sensor was designed to be completely backward compatible with the first-generation version,” says Mathew Hitchcock, tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) product manager at Bartec.

“The RS-2000 was designed to work on vehicles with 'hi-line TPMS,’ that is vehicles with wheel arch initiators,” says Scot Holloway, CEO of Bartec.

“This new design also means improved sensor performance and future diagnostics, all aimed at making our customers more successful servicing TPMS vehicles.”

According to Bartec officials, the new Rite-Sensor launched in September and is now available through authorized resellers.

To activate the additional vehicle coverage, users of the following Bartec TPMS tools the Tech600pro, Tech550Pro, Tech450 Pro or TechRITEPro need to download and install update 6.0. Users of the Tech500Pro, Tech400Pro and Tech300Pro need to get update 66.0.  

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