Spiffy Releases Easy Tread Visual Tire Diagnostic

Oct. 26, 2023

Spiffy Inc., an on-demand car care, technology and service company, has introduced the tire diagnostic device, Easy Tread.  

Easy Tread provides visual tire diagnostics and “expedites tire inspections. It gives technicians the ability to capture images of each tire using a tablet, according to Spiffy officials.  

The new diagnostic device captures over 500,000 data points on a tire to measure tread depth and wear.  

“Integrating visual elements into service recommendations is no longer optional; it’s table stakes for the consumer experience,” says Scot Wingo, CEO of Spiffy.  

“With Easy Tread, we’re not just telling customers what’s going on with their tires; we’re showing them. This level of transparency is revolutionizing the customer experience, fostering a higher level of trust and satisfaction.” 

Easy Tread is currently in a beta testing stage and being tested by over 600 technicians, according to Spiffy officials.  

The rollout of Easy Tread is expected to be in 2024.  

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