Improvements in Trelleborg Forestry Tires

Aug. 13, 2015

The Trelleborg Wheel Systems division of Trelleborg AB has improved the performance of its forestry tires by borrowing innovations from its agricultural tires. The Twin Forestry tire series is available worldwide and includes the company's ProgressiveTraction and inter-lug terraces technologies. They are self-cleaning, track-compatible tires with superior traction for tough forestry applications. The Twin Forestry tire line consists of the T440 (pictured) and T480, and is complemented by the existing skidder range, T418. The first size offered is the 710/45-26.5, for both the T440 and T480, and more sizes are in the works. The T440 is ideal for clay, mud, ice and snow and provides a better grip and self-cleaning with less impact on the forest floor. The T480 features a large contact area with low ground pressure, as well as a unique tread design for effective self-cleaning and added pulling power.