Bridgestone MotoGP Race Preview - Silverstone

June 12, 2012

Silverstone is fast and susceptible to cold weather making it one of the most challenging circuits on the calendar in terms of tyre development. The high-speed sections of the circuit require good tyre stability for cornering and braking, while the generally chilly conditions make excellent warm-up performance a necessity.
Having analysed tyre data from the last two races at Silverstone, Bridgestone has revised the compounds in its asymmetric rear tyres for this weekend. The two slick rear tyres offered will be the medium-soft and medium options, with both tyres featuring the same medium rubber compound on the right shoulder combined with a choice of either the extra-soft or soft rubber on the left shoulder of the tyre. This change has been made to enhance rider safety by ensuring the rear tyre stays in its ideal temperature range over the course of a lap.
Bridgestone’s new specification front slick tyre, which was first introduced at Jerez, becomes the standard front offering from Silverstone onwards and will now comprise each rider’s full allocation of nine front slick tyres for a race weekend. For this race, the front slicks will be available in the soft and medium compounds to ensure the best initial grip and feel in the expected cool conditions.
Shinji Aoki - Manager, Bridgestone Motorsport Tyre Development Department
“Silverstone presents a balancing act when it comes to tyre development. On the one hand the fast sections like Maggotts and Becketts place high lateral loads on tyres and the heavy braking at the end of the Hangar Straight generates considerable stress on the centre section of the front tyre requiring good tyre stability, while the low average track temperature at Silverstone means superior warm-up performance is also important.
“Our data analysis shows that our soft and medium rubber compounds provide the necessary braking stability and warm-up characteristics needed at Silverstone and so they form the basis of our tyre choices at this circuit. For this year we have revised the composition of our asymmetric rear slicks and will offer the medium-soft and medium options. Both these slicks feature the same medium rubber compound on the right side to provide the necessary durability for the numerous right-hand turns, combined with either the extra-soft or soft rubber on the left shoulder to ensure sufficient temperature retention throughout a whole lap.”