Sears participates in Black (as in tires) Friday

Nov. 23, 2012

Maybe Sears Holdings Corp. wants to start the holiday season with a big push for tire sales after all.

In its pre-Black Friday fliers and a Cyber Monday press release, the company promoted sales for all sorts of products -- except for tires.

In an eight-page "Black Friday Sale" flier stuffed in the Nov. 23 edition of the "Akron Beacon Journal," however, tires were included. The message was a little confusing, but the intent seems to be there.

To read what Sears has planned for Black Friday, and which two brands were being emphasized (hint: they are manufactured by the same company), check out the latest blog by Modern Tire Dealer Editor Bob Ulrich, "Sears IS offering tire sales on Black Friday -- at least I think it is."

And to read the news item that led to the blog, check out "Black Friday for tires? More like Green ($) Friday." It may give you good ideas on what to do over the holiday season, or at least what to do on Black Friday 2013.