Hennessy debuts Ammco 2n1 lift

Jan. 13, 2006

Hennessy Industry Inc. has debuted the Ammco V-Series 2n1 lift, an affordable, reliable and versatile lift that's easy to use, the company says.

The design gives users the option of selecting either asymmetrical or symmetrical lifting depending on the vehicle being serviced. The V-Series lift is capable of hoisting 10,000 pounds of passenger car, light truck or SUV, and the clear floor design and 12-foot ceiling height allow technicians to perform a wide array of repairs while leaving room for shop equipment.

Additional benefits of the V-Series 2n1 lift include:

* massive columns: single-piece, 10-angle, roll-formed columns provide rigidity.

* heavy-duty arms: three-stage telescopic front arms provide maximum reach for a wider range of vehicles. All arms are preloaded to dampen vibration.

* sure-grip stack pads: multi-surface stack pads adapt to cars’ or trucks’ hardpoints without extra adapters.

* redundant protection: dual-function microswitch limits cylinder stroke and activates the height safety rod. Single-point safety lock release and two-hand lift lowering ensure fast and safe operations.

“The versatility of the V-Series 2n1 lift provides our customers with the best of both worlds,” said Kevin Keefe, group marketing manager for Hennessy Industries. “With the ability to select symmetrical or asymmetrical lifting, our customers can work on any type of vehicle with ease.”

The North American-made V-Series lift is available in either blue or red, and includes a one-year parts and six-month labor warranty. It is ALI/ETL Certified.