Consumers Digest rates tires in latest issue

Jan. 25, 2006

The February 2006 issue of Consumers Digest showcases the best tires on the market, as rated by the magazine's editors.

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. reports three of its tires took top billing in three of the five rated segments.

For the "Passenger Car Tires, All-Season" category, Goodyear's Assurance featuring TripleTred Technology was the Premium selection. (The Consumers Digest comparison list shows top-rated tires in Premium, Midrange and Economy segments.)

In addition, the Goodyear Fortera featuring SilentArmor Technology was

the Premium choice in the "Light Truck/SUV Tires, All-Purpose" category, and the Goodyear Eagle GT-HR was the Premium selection in "Performance" tires.

According to the magazine, a Consumers Digest Best Buy is defined as a product that offers the most value for a given amount of money. The magazine editors have defined such products as those that merit special attention from consumers based on a combination of performance, ease of use, features, durability, warranty, efficiency, styling, and maintenance and service requirements.

The Consumers Digest Best Buy recommendations are based on criteria derived from at least three of the following:

1. Personal (hands-on) product evaluations by the authors and researchers; 2. Independent testing and researching facilities; 3. Reports from federal, state and other government agencies; 4. Other independent technical experts; 5. Retail establishments; 6. Service outlets; 7. Consumers Digest reader and other consumer surveys; 8. Previously published evaluations in books, magazines, newspapers, Web sites, etc.

Of the thousands of products that are evaluated by Consumers Digest, fewer than 3% meet the quality and value standards required by the magazine's editors to receive a Best Buy designation.

The magazine claims a circulation of 1.25 million.