Continental: It all starts with new products (and sizes)

Feb. 2, 2006

Continental Tire North America Inc. is going back to the basics in 2006 and beyond, starting with new product introductions and size additions.

At the 2006 American Car Care Centers Dealer Meeting, Continental executives talked about a new General brand "power line" they will showcase at the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show in November. It tentatively will be available before 2008.

New sizes will strengthen the Continental brand's existing lines, according to the company. Here's the size-by-size lineup, and when in 2006 they will be available in the domestic aftermarket.

ContiSportContact 2 Vmax: 325/30ZR19, spring.

ContiSportContact 2:275/40ZR18, 245/45ZR18, 275/40ZR19, 255/35ZR20, 275/35ZR20, early 2006; 235/40WR18, spring; 265/35YR19, 275/35ZR19, summer.

ContiSportContact 2 Run Flat: 225/45YR17, 255/40WR17, early 2006; 225/40WR18, 255/35WR18, summer.

ContiExtremeContact: 235/65HR17,225/45WR18, 255/55VR18, 265/60VR18, 275/45YR19, 275/40YR20, 265/50VR20, summer.

ContiProContact: 225/55HR16, 245/45HR17, early 2006; 215/55HR16, 225/55VR16, spring; 265/35VR18, 275/35VR18, 245/40VR18, summer.

ContiPremierContact: 195/60HR15, 205/60HR15, 215/60HR15, 185/65HR15, 195/65HR15, 195/65TR15, 205/65HR15, 215/65TR15, 205/70TR15, 215/70TR15. 215/60TR16, 205/65TR16, spring.

ContiCrossContact UHP: 295/45YR19, early 2006; 235/60VR18, 255/60VR18, 275/45YR20, spring; 235/65VR17, 285/45WR19, 265/50YR19, summer.

ContiCrossContact LX: 265/75TR16, early 2006; 225/70TR15, 235/70TR15, 265/70TR15, 215/75TR15, 225/75TR15, 235/75TR15, 245/70TR16, 215/70TR16, 225/70TR16, 255/70TR16, 265/70TR16, 225/75TR16, 235/75TR16, 245/75TR16, 275/55VR17, 245/65TR17, 265/65TR17, 265/70TR17, fall.

ContiSportContact: 245/45HR17, early 2006; 215/55HR16, 225/55VR16, spring.

ContiCrossContact UHP: 255/50WR19, early 2006.

Conti 4x4 Contact: 265/60VR18, 265/60HR18, early 2006; 255/50HR19, summer.

Andreas Gerstenberger, vice president of sales and marketing for Continental Tire North America Inc.'s passenger and light truck replacement tire business unit, said his strategy focuses on three growing market trends: light truck and SUV tires, the performance market, and major brand strength. "Look first at your product."