Goodyear introduces Eagle with ResponsEdge Technology

Feb. 3, 2006

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.'s new Goodyear Eagle will be available starting in May 2006 in 24 sizes to fit most popular high-performance touring sedans.

The new Eagle is made with carbon fiber and the company's ResponsEdge Technology, and is targeted at drivers who want crisp, responsive handling and a smooth, comfortable ride, the company says.

In the new Eagle featuring ResponsEdge Technology, the outboard sidewall of the tire is reinforced with a high-tech carbon fiber insert that provides stiffness for responsive handling and steering precision. Combined with conventional tire construction on the inboard sidewall, the ResponsEdge tire delivers a smooth, comfortable ride, Goodyear says.

Over the top of the belt package, the ResponsEdge also sports a sound-

and shock-absorbing InsuLayer made with DuPont Kevlar, to help

provide a smooth, quiet ride, along with promoting even tread wear.

"The unique construction allows our engineers to develop a product we

call a performance tire with manners," said Bob Toth, Goodyear's

marketing manager, auto tires.

In the traction area of the tire is a dual-compound, asymmetric tread

design. On the inboard side of the tread, an All Season Zone offers an

open tread pattern, Aquachutes for water dispersion and a high

number of TredLock technology microgrooves.

All of these tread features are supported by a special high silica, all-weather tread compound. Combined, the All Season Zone provides all-season traction and handling, which translates into confidence when driving, including in wet and winter conditions.

On the outboard side of the tread, the Performance Zone consists of

performance tread blocks and a solid circumferential rib made with a

super-grip performance tread compound. This helps provide traction for confident handling and braking.

Additionally, the Eagle featuring ResponsEdge Technology offers a Rim

Protector, PermaBlack sidewall compound for new-tire appearance

throughout the tire's life, and distinctive on-the-tread branding.

"Goodyear Eagle" is stamped in the tread groove as a signature brand

styling for the new Eagle tires.

Other branding is found on the tire's sidewall where an icon says

the ResponsEdge Technology tire contains carbon fiber.

According to Toth, "A high-performance tire with carbon fiber and Kevlar offers consumers relevant technologies that enhance the total driving experience for high-performance touring sedans. Those drivers are interested in innovative technology, especially if it provides them with responsive handling, a good feel for the road and a ride that is smooth and quiet."

Goodyear is supporting the introduction of the new tire with a range of promotions -- national television ads, print advertising, a new Web site, database marketing for retailers, direct mail, point-of-sale materials and more.