Yokohama posts sales, earnings increases

Feb. 10, 2006

Yokohama Rubber Co. Ltd's North American and European operations drove the company's net sales during the nine months ended Dec. 31, 2005, up more than 9% to 333.7 billion yen.

For the rest of that nine-month period, Yokohama's operating income rose 19.1% to 20.9 billion yen over the same period in 2004, while its net income grew to 19.5 billion yen.

Operating income for Yokohama's Tire Group grew 7.2% to 18.4 billion yen.

Yokohama officials predict that operating income in the fiscal year to March 31, 2006, will increase 9.8% over previous-year levels to 23 billion yen on an increase in net sales to 447 billion yen.

"Projections call for net income to approximately double to 21 billion yen," say Yokohama officials.