Falken will raise prices on select brands May 1

April 1, 2006

Falken Tire Corp. will implement price increases on some of its tires, including the Ziex 60/65 lines and select sizes of its S/TZ04 line, effective May 1, 2006.

Prices for Falken ZE 512 60/65 tires will be increased 3% to 5%. Prices on the LandAir H/T, Radial A/P and select sizes of the S/TZ04 (see below for sizes) will be increased 5% to 7%.

The S/TZ04 sizes affected by the price increases are:

* LT235/75R15, 104/101Q;

* 255/70R16, 109S;

* 265/70R16, 111S;

* P235/70R16, 104S;

* 245/70R16, 106S;

* 215/70R16, 99S;

* 255/65R16, 106S;

* 245/75R16, 109S;

* 265/70R15, 110S;

* 265/70R17, 113T; and

* 255/55R18, 109H.

Pirelli Tire North America Inc. also announced price increases that will go into effect May 1. The 3% increase will cover Pirelli's consumer tire lines.