'Clean agent' fire extinguishers protect equipment

June 28, 2006

H3R Performance has introduced HalGuard "clean agent" fire extinguishers that can help put out a shop fire without leaving the messy residue from most fire extinguishers currently in use, the company says.

HalGuard is especially helpful in protecting sensitive under-the-hood and under-the-dash components and expensive shop equipment such as electronic diagnostic tools.

Available in 1.4- or 2.5-pound rechargeable red or chrome-plated cylinder units, HalGuard can be used as your first line of defense to supplement the dry chemical fire extinguishers that satisfy local fire regulations, says the company.

H3R Performance also markets rechargeable MaxOut dry chemical fire extinguishers in one- and 2.5-pound sizes.

Both MaxOut and HalGuard are effective on flammable liquid fires and do not conduct electricity back to the operator. All include high quality steel cylinders, all metal valve construction and aviation-quality mounting brackets.

For more information, call the company at (800) 249-4289, or visit www.h3rperformance.com.