Distributor backs NitroFill with roadside assistance plan

July 17, 2006

Kreska Technologies Inc., the sole worldwide distributor of the NitroFill nitrogen inflation system, has developed a roadside assistance plan to back it up.

The plan comes free with every purchase of Nitrofill at participating dealerships. It guarantees that if a tire gets a flat within 12 months of purchase, the company will provide a service vehicle to change the tire or tow the vehicle to a facility of the customer's choice and reimberse the customer up to $60 for the needed assistance. The plan also covers flats caused by road hazards.

There is no limit to how often the plan can be used within the year.

"We are very confident in our products and want customers to have peace of mind when they select our program," says President Jay Lighter. "They will be covered because our equipment and inflation process provides a verifiable concentration of pure nitrogen, in the serviced tire, in excess of 95% and this plan covers those rare occasions when a problem arises."

Lighter says meeting the 95% in-tire standard is critical to realizing the benefits of nitrogen tire inflation, which includes increased gas mileage, improved performance and handling, extended tread life, and better retention of tire pressure than those filled with air.

The roadside assistance hotline -- (877) 216-4097 -- is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For more information on the Nitrofill Roadside Assistance Plan, visit www.nitrofill.flattireassist.com.